[C#] RuneScape Bot

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[C#] RuneScape Bot

Postby Srankie » Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:30 pm

Okay, well this is basically a bot which is like all bots programmed in mSL.
My idea was to create something like Freebot (you might not know it, it is a complete RuneScape Bot which is free to use)
Except I wanted to write it in c# and with a nice interface.

So, the bot isn't completed yet, but you can already use it since it has a build in updater, so you'll get prompted when there's a new version available.

To download it: http://srankie.bluebus112.com/myBot/myS ... p#download
To view the source: http://srankie.bluebus112.com/myBot/myS ... php#source
To view the commands: http://srankie.bluebus112.com/myBot/myS ... p#commands

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