Challenges for the skilled (and the learning). Use this as a way of broadening your horizon and learn new and innovative ways of using the scripting language.

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Postby Patje » Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:12 pm

There will be a new challenge posted here from time to time. Everybody will be able to compete in them. There could be several kind of challenges; short-code challenges, speed challenges, or perhaps you could come up with a new way to judge a challenge?

  1. Creating a challenge: We have created a form which your challenge will have to follow in order to be approved. You can find this form here.

  2. Approval: Before a challenge can be added to the challenge forum, it has to be approved by one of the mIRC Gurus. If you are done making up the challenge, send a private message on this forum containing the form to an mIRC Guru. All mIRC Gurus will look at it and it will be added to the queue if the Gurus accept the challenge. If it's not accepted you will receive a message with details about why it's not accepted (and, in case it just needs some small changes in order to be approved, some tips on how to make the challenge even more fun).

  3. Queue: Please note that there are multiple people who want to host a challenge. We also want a gap between every challenge, about 2-3 weeks. Please realize that we cannot host your challenge as soon as you post it. Weeks/months of waiting could be necessary.

  4. Be nice: You may not like challenges that are created. Instead of saying that the challenge sucks, just don't compete. There are many users on SwiftIRC and we can't create a challenge that suits everyone. Also, when challenge results come out, please do not make rude or derogatory comments on other people's scripts.
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Re: Rules

Postby sabakanwal » Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:27 pm

If you want the script to check for errors in the input, you should clearly explain what to check for here. For example, if you want $1 to be a number between 1 and 10, you must say that here. If you don't mention this, people will think that it doesn't need any validation here.

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