SwiftIRC Awards 2011

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SwiftIRC Awards 2011

Postby Tox » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:19 pm

Hello everyone it's that time of the year and the SwiftIRC awards are starting! Any registered nickname may be nominated for any category. Join #Awards to discuss with each other about the awards. Before you get started with nominations I am going to go over a few quick rules

  • No spam or mass advertising about votes/nominations
  • No nominating yourself for individual categories. (Nominating your clan/channel for group categories is okay). You may vote for yourself in the voting stage.
  • No mass anti advertising (Mass telling of people not to vote for a user)
  • No flaming or inappropriate behavior in #Awards
  • Only 1 vote per category, and only one nomination post (1 person for each category) is permitted
  • Absolutely no penis eruptions

There are 10 different categories this year:
    1. Biggest troll
    2. Most popular user
    3. Top channel
    4. Top clan
    5. Best bot
    6. Best help operator
    7. Best IRC Operator
    8. Best Gamer
    9. Most active user
    10. Top coder

Nominations: 12/23/2011 to 12/30/2011 Users will post their nominations in a reply on the nomination thread. At the end of this stage the final nominees will receive voice access in #awards
This stage will be closed December 30th at 12:30am midnight EST

Voting: 12/31/2011 to 01/07/2012 Individual threads will be created for each category giving users
the chance to vote for each on the threads poll once for the final nominees. On 01/07/2012 the voting will be closed and a final vote will be counted followed by the announcement of the winners.

The final winners of each category shall receive:
  • a forum signature specific to the category won
  • a virtual hostmask specific to the category won
As for group categories such as Top Channel or Top Clan, the owner of the channel shall receive the vhost and signature.
vhosts are non exchangeable or transferable
The official channel for the awards this year is #Awards
If you have any questions about the awards you may join the channel and ask.

To get started with nominating users check out the nomination thread which is found here: viewtopic.php?f=83&t=25609&p=228346#p228346!

Overall have fun and enjoy the awards for the year! :)

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