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Discord and Matrix Relays

Matrix and Discord relays have been provisioned! They are both relayed through the names Matrix and Discord, respectively. Matrix users sending messages will join the channel as nick[m] whereas Discord users will rather have their messages sent via Discord. Our Discord can be found at Our Matrix can be found at with a client available at We will keep our main IRC channel (#swiftirc) topic updated with this information.

NextGen Upgrade

The NextGen upgrade has been completed. We are now running on Ubuntu 20.04, SaltStack, and the latest Unrealircd 5.x & Anope 2.x. Thank you all for your patience while I worked through everything. Many thanks, Dragon

Upgraded Ircd and Services

The upgrade has been completed! SwiftIRC is now running on Unreal 4.2.2 and Anope 2.0.6. Thank you for your patience while we worked through this upgrade. It was not easy and we could not have done it without the help of zomg, Shawn, and Adam. Many thanks, Dragon

New Management

SwiftIRC is now under new ownership and management. Dragon has taken over the network, effective immediately. The first priority of the new management is to mitigate the impact the DDoS attacks have been having on us. Furthermore, we hope to grow the network, and upgrade it to newer software in the coming months. As some of you may know we have been running forks of unrealircd and anope from 2006 and we intend to change that.